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The Paleo Diet

Also known as the ‘caveman diet’, paleo eating aims to go back to basics and eat as our ancestors would have done originally, in the days before processed foods and refined sugar.

Focussing on eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, with nuts, seeds and only the highest quality fish and meat, the paleo diet is a nutritious and healthy choice, and has much in common with the recent clean eating trends.

The theory behind the paleo diet is that our digestive systems were developed to eat the foods that were readily available to hunter-gatherers in prehistoric times, and that we haven’t evolved very much since then.
By removing unnatural and processed foods from their diet, many paleo followers report having more energy, feeling less sluggish and also losing weight.
Medical studies have suggested that a paleo lifestyle can also help lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Unlike other diets, paleo is more of a lifestyle choice, so there is no calorie control or weighing foods required. This makes it more relaxed and less regimented, although it can make eating out a challenge.

An easy way of working out if a food fits into the paleo diet is by thinking whether it was available 1000s of years ago to our earliest ancestors. So for example, dairy products, bread and processed meats such as bacon aren’t allowed, as well as root vegetables which weren’t eaten by early man.

For paleo inspiration we asked food journalist (and paleo follower) Jo Romero to put together a tasty dish using Keevils’ products.
Jo suffered from IBS and psoriasis for years but after starting a paleo diet her symptoms disappeared and she’s now in top health!
Using our lamb mince Jo cooked up delicious stuffed courgettes, the perfect easy, tasty lunch, full of veggies and low on carbs.

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6th September 2017