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New Marinade Bags

We have been working with our friends at Potts Partnership for a couple of years now. We really like their range of sauces, and how they have put a modern twist onto some of our favourites.

Their roasting kits are a big hit with our customers. They contain everything you need to transform your humble meat into a spectacular roast dinner with gravy and condiments included.

Just in time for Summer, we’re really excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Potts family – a new range of marinades which come with their own handy sealable bag, which makes using them really easy and mess-free.

Choose from BBQ, Jerk, or Piri Piri - each pack contains enough marinade to prepare 600g of meat, which is plenty for 4 servings.

The BBQ marinade is a Tex-Mex style, inspired by the barbecue cooking of the Southern United States. It is tomato-based and contains Kentucky Bourbon with smoked chipotle chilli for a rich, deep flavour.

Jerk is the most well-known Jamaican dish, and our Jerk marinade has plenty of heat from fruity habanero chillies and a fragrant spicy kick from pimenta allspice (also known as Jamaican Pepper). This is all mellowed with a little rum.

Our Piri Piri marinade is inspired by the traditional Portugese sauce, and we’ve blended plenty of chilli with lemon juice and zest along with roast garlic.

The best thing about our new marinating bags in that they're so easy to use.
Just put your chosen meat in the bag, seal it with the built in zip, and leave the marinade to work its magic for at least an hour – but ideally overnight so that the flavour can really permeate the meat.

All marinades are ideal to use with chicken but also work really well with pork and fish. If you're using fish just don’t worry about marinating for as long – an hour or two should be plenty.

For more information please see:
Order BBQ Marinades online

24th April 2017

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Falkland Islands Lamb

The Falkland Islands are a British Overseas Territory which lies 300 miles from the coast of Argentina. It is home to 3,000 people and 500,000 sheep, which goes some way to explain how important sheep farming is to the island.
The Falkland Islands’ flag even includes a sheep!

Lamb from the Falkland Islands is renowned for being full of flavour, and we are delighted to be able to introduce you to it.

The Falklands are a lush, windswept group of islands in the Atlantic, and this pure, unpolluted environment is the perfect place to rear sheep – just as nature intended.
The sheep feed on native white grass and coastal greens all year round, and are completely free to roam the wide pastures.
Falkland Islanders in the UK tell us that no other lamb can beat the lamb from home, and we have had many requests to begin importing it.

Our first shipment has finally arrived and we now have beautiful Falklands lamb in stock, and available to order online.
We are carrying limited cuts and we have whole lamb legs and square-cut lamb shoulders.
The lamb has to come in to us frozen because of the long voyage it takes by sea, via Venezuela. It is frozen very quickly after being portioned and packed, so the freshness is preserved exactly as it was when it left the Islands.

Falkland Island sheep grow more slowly than other varieties, and therefore remain smaller for longer. Because of this, Falklands lamb joints are the size of standard lamb joints although it can have come from an older animal, which would otherwise be classed as Hogget or Mutton.
Lamb meat is from a sheep aged below 1 year, whereas Hogget is the name for meat taken from a sheep between 1 and 2 years of age, and Mutton is anything older. Hogget is slightly darker than lamb, and has a richer flavour.

Our Falklands lamb is now available to order online for delivery across the UK.

For more information please see:
Falkland Islands Lamb

17th April 2017

The flag of the Falkland Islands

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Label Anglais Chickens

We’re big fans of British meat and we always try to promote independent farmers who use high welfare methods of rearing their animals.
We believe this is right from an ethical point of view, as well as being reflected in the quality of the end product.

We have recently introduced free-range Label Anglais English chickens to our online shop. They are very high welfare, slow-grown chickens that are reared not far from Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

Initially bred to provide a British equivalent to the high quality Label Rouge French poultry brand, Label Anglais chickens are a favourite with celebrity chefs and restaurant diners alike.

Our chicks are moved at 5 weeks of age from their brooding site, where they have been since one day old, to their free-range housing 5 miles away.
Here they live in smaller groups in wooden huts with free access to large grassy areas and banks, and vast outdoor space with shaded areas and dust bowls for scratching.

They are then reared until fully-grown, which is at 80 days old. This is much longer than standard supermarket birds, which live for around 35 days. Letting the chickens grow for longer not only gives them a happier, longer life, but it means the meat is fully developed naturally, and will be more flavoursome and firmer that a younger chicken would be.

The chickens' diet is based on cereals, and supplemented by protein from peas. Natural whole maize and oats from neighbouring farms are fed alongside the whole cereal feed diet, with whole apples introduced at 7 weeks to add enrichment.

Our Label Anglais free-range chickens are delivered into us at Smithfield Market every Wednesday, so if you order online we can deliver to you on Thursday or Friday.
Each chicken reaches you with their giblets in a sealed bag so you can use them to make stock or gravy, or feed to your cat if you prefer (they love them!).
Just don’t forget to remove the bag from inside the chicken before cooking.

For more information please see:
Label Anglais English Chickens

11th April 2018

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New Red Ruby Cuts

Our Red Ruby beef is really popular and we’ve been overwhelmed with online orders for it since we started selling it last Summer.

Red Ruby is a native British breed of cattle and they are very distinctive, as they're quite short and stocky compare to other breeds. They have beautiful red coats which are long and curly through the cold months, and they’re starting to shed down to a finer covering now that winter’s gone.

The Red Ruby beef has been so in demand that we’ve been looking at extending the range, and selling different cuts of beef online from them.
To start the Red Ruby range we sold mainly steaks, including some less well-known cuts such as Denver steak, and Flat Iron steak. We also have Topside joints which are perfect for roasting.
Because these items have all been really popular we’re now going to be selling even more.

Beef Shin is massively under-rated, and as with all unusual cuts of meat it is cheaper than some of the more well-known cuts.
Shin is perfect for slow cooking in a red wine-based stock and just forgetting about for 3 hours, until the meat will be falling apart and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.
At £7 for a generous 500g boneless slice it’s great value, too.

After numerous requests we also now have minced and diced Red Ruby beef to buy online, which you can use in exactly the same way as other mince/diced beef, and be amazed at the difference!
Make your usual Bolognese or Cottage pie using Red Ruby mince and it will really improve the flavour and texture of the whole dish.
Our Minced Red Ruby is £5.50 for 500g, and the Diced Red Ruby is £6.20.

Our Red Ruby are from the Chapman Herd, a herd of 150 cattle who are farmed close to Sarrant in Hertfordshire, right on the edge of the beautiful Chiltern Hills.
They feed only on what they forage, which is a mixture of wild grasses, clover, and herbs, and they're never given cereals or soya to supplement them.

Our Red Ruby cattle are Animal Welfare Approved, and are certified members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association which means they have been independently verified as 100% pasture fed.

Pasture fed beef has been proven to be lower in saturated fat and higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA and vitamins B and E than grain and soya fed beef - plus it tastes better, too.
Pasture-fed and grass-fed are very similar, however pasture has much more of a variety of plants, rather than just grass, so is a more nourishing and natural diet.

If you’re looking to buy beef online, you can’t go far wrong with Red Ruby.
Order from Keevils for delivery and we can be with you in as little as 48 hours.

For more information please see:
Red Ruby Beef

5th April 2018

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Meats for Easter

As if by magic, Easter is next weekend. And if you’re wondering how that came round so quicky, you’re not alone.

We love Easter, and it’s not just because of the chocolate eggs.
At Easter we get the same time off work as at Christmas but with none of the pressures of having to send cards, buy presents, and spend time with a whole host of in-laws that we’d really rather not.

Having said that, we love to gather our nearest and dearest together at Easter, and that always revolves around food.

Lamb is a traditional meat to enjoy at Easter, and we have a really great option for you.
Icelandic lamb is renowned around the world for being flavoursome, tender, and very lean.
The sheep live a very free-range life, and are free to graze on pastures of grass, willow, moss, and berries, which gives the meat a distinctive flavour.
Food connoisseurs can tell the difference between lamb from different regions, and the lamb from Iceland is supposedly more aromatic than other varieties.
In Iceland, no antibiotics, hormone supplements, pesticides or herbicides are used in meat production, and this means you can be happy the lamb is natural and as it should be.
We have shoulders of Icelandic Lamb, which will be £20 each but are currently on an introductory offer of £14 each.

We also have cockerels as another option for Easter dinner.
Our cockerels are from Adlington, who also supply our Three-Bird Roasts at Christmas.
The cockerels are free-range, and have a completely natural diet of wheat, maize and whole oats, supplemented with locally-grown apples.
The cockerels love the apples and they give the meat an added sweetness and tenderness.
Each cockerel costs £37.50, and weighs around 3kg, so will provide plenty of meat for 6-8 people.

If you're looking for ideas on what to put on your Easter menu, hop over to BBC Food for some inspiration!

We are delivering until Thursday 29th March, and we need your order by Sunday 25th March.

For more information please see:
Icelandic Lamb Shoulder
Apple-fed Cockerels
Easter offers

23rd March 2018

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Sunday Brunch

We’re massive fans of Sunday Brunch on Channel Four, and it forms a major part of our weekend viewing.
Presented by Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy, Sunday Brunch is 3 hours of cooking, celebrity guests and music to brighten up your Sunday morning.

Some time ago they were running a feature comparing unusual sausages, and got in touch with us about our Morteau sausages. Morteau are a traditional smoked French sausage, and it received rave reviews on the show for its bacon-like flavour.

Since then we’ve been the meat supplier for the show, and all the meat you see on screen comes from us, here at Smithfield Market.

A few weeks ago they had Rose Veal, our brand new line of high-welfare British veal, and needless to say it went down a storm.

Yesterday on the show, Simon Rimmer prepared one of our legs of lamb with pears and it looked simply amazing!
We’ve had lots of people asking for the recipe, which you can find by clicking on this link.
The key is in cooking it really slowly for 3 hours, until the meat falls apart and becomes melt-in-the-mouth tender.
It looks like a perfect way to cook your lamb this Easter, so if you’re cooking for a crowd or just looking for something a bit different from normal, this recipe is definitely worth taking a look at.
If you fancy making it, you can order a leg of lamb by clicking here.

Each week the Sunday Brunch website publishes all the recipes for everything made on the show, which often includes cocktails and desserts, as well as our meaty contributions.
They have a really varied mix of dishes, from traditional British to exotic Persian or Thai flavours.
If you’d like to see the latest recipes, just click here to visit the Sunday Brunch website.

For more information please see:
Buy Leg of Lamb (as cooked on Sunday Brunch)
Leg of Lamb with Pears recipe
Sunday Brunch latest recipes

19th March 2018

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Rosé Veal

Veal can be a controversial subject, and we know a lot of people don’t agree with it on ethical grounds.
However we have recently started selling Rosé Veal from Devon which is free-range and reared to very high welfare standards.

Veal is the meat from young cows, so is the beef equivalent of lamb, in comparison.

Much of the veal available in the UK in recent years has been ‘white’ veal, from the Netherlands. It’s so-called because of its pale colour – a result of the calves being fed solely on milk. They are kept in cramped conditions that would fall short of welfare standards in the UK.

In the UK dairy industry, female calves go on to be the next generation of milking cows, while the males have traditionally been surpass to requirements and would be shot while very young, often soon after birth.

However, we believe it is more ethical to rear the male calves and give them a decent life, before eventually using them to produce Rosé Veal.
Rosé Veal gets its name from its dark pink colour; not as dark as beef, but much darker than white veal.

Our veal comes from Weston’s Dairy farm in Tiverton, where the dairy herd of pedigree Jersey cattle have been farmed by the Weston family since 1904.
The calves are reared to very high welfare standards, and are farm-assured under the Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb (FABBL) scheme. The farm has also been awarded the Good Calf Commendation by the Compassion in World Farming. This means that the calves are reared to a higher welfare standard than is required by law, which is really important to us, and very different from traditional veal production.

From 3 weeks of age the calves are reared outdoors during the summer months in groups of 24, and then brought indoors during the winter when the ground becomes wet. Whilst inside they are housed in smaller groups of 12, with plenty of space and bedded on straw, with grass silage to eat. They’re given a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients they need and they’re fed milk twice a day. This produces rose veal (pink meat), not the Dutch white veal which is created purposely by an unbalanced and deficient diet.

The calves are reared to the age of 6-8 months – the same age as many lambs. Then the meat is allowed to hang for two weeks before being portioned.

Rosé Veal has a delicate beef flavour and is really a great alternative to beef or lamb, and one which is ethically sound, too.

We have a selection of Rosé Veal cuts available to buy online including Escalopes and Osso Bucco, which is sliced veal shin.

For more information please see:
Buy Rosé Veal 
Compassion in World Farming

5th March 2018

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Red Ruby Farm Visit

Our customers are very demanding, and that’s what we love about them.
They want to know that the meat they eat is top quality, and the very best available.
Because of this we are always looking for new producers to work with, and strive to build a range that’s wider but more selective than anywhere else.

Last year we began stocking Red Ruby beef, from the Chapman herd in Sarratt, Hertfordshire.
Laura and Jonathan have been farming since 2010, when they bought six cows with calves from a local breeder.
Jonathan is from a farming family and although he’d been working in the City for years it was always his dream to return to farming.
In the 8 years that the Chapmans have been building their herd they now have over 200 cattle.

Because they were starting from scratch Laura and Jonathan had the luxury of being able to choose exactly which breed they wanted to work with.
European breeds are larger and yield more meat per animal, however the Chapmans were passionate in choosing a native breed that would prosper on their farm.

They eventually decided on Devon Red Ruby, as it’s a smaller, hardy breed that is renowned for great tasting meat, and is resilient enough to endure the cold British Winters.

We went to visit the farm last week, and although the cattle have been brought in off the fields for the colder months, they are in large three-sided barns with an open front, so they are still exposed to fresh, open air.

The Chapmans are certified members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, or which there are only 50 in the country.
This means that the cattle on the Chapmans’ farm are fed only on pasture, made up of grass, herbs, and clover, and they are never given supplementary feed made of cereals or soya.
This very natural diet makes the meat more fully-flavoured and also more nutritional than non-pasture fed meat, and it also makes sense from an environmental point of view.

To read more about the benefits of pasture-fed beef just click here to visit the Pasture for Life website.

Although we’re in the depths of Winter the cattle are consuming haylage made from the pastures during last year, so the farm is still completely self-sufficient and 100% pasture-fed.

Our Red Ruby beef is available to order online, just click here to view the range.
We receive deliveries from the Chapmans every 3 weeks so if anything is unavailable do check back soon, or email us to find out when it’s expected back in stock.

For more information please see:
Red Ruby Beef
Pasture for Life

15th February 2018

Red Ruby on the farm

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Valentine Steak & Wine

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, and if you don’t have anything planned yet, you need to hurry up as there’s not much time left!

We know the old saying that the way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through their stomach, and that’s backed up by our very non-scientific polling of Keevils staff.
We all agree – cook us dinner and we’ll be putty in your hands.

With this in mind we may just have the perfect meat box for a Valentine’s Day treat.
The Valentine Steak and Wine box is just the thing for a romantic meal for two.

Our fillet steaks are always popular, but when you’re cooking to impress they're a real winner.
Cut from free-range, grass-fed British beef, each fillet weighs 6oz (170g).
Simply pan-fry with a little butter until they're cooked to your liking (9 minutes for rare, 11 minutes for medium, 14 minutes for well done). Then cover and leave to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Our favourite drink to serve alongside steak has to be a good, deep-flavoured red wine, and as you’re out to impress why would you not go for a Malbec Reserve from our good friends at the Beefsteak Club?

The Malbec Reserve is a really great quality red from the Uco Valley region of Argentina, an area in the foothills of the Andes that’s renowned for producing outstanding wine.
It’s a 2013 vintage, and has been aged for 18 months in French oak barrels to give it a delicious richness and depth of flavour.

So we’ve done the hard work and sourced the best steak and wine combo to sweep her (or him) off her (or his) feet.
You just need some sultry music, candlelight, and red roses, and you’ll have crossed every Valentine’s cliché off the list and you can be happy with a job well done.

Please place your Valentine’s orders before Midnight on Monday 12th February to guarantee delivery to your door on February 14th.

For more information please see:
Valentine Steak & Wine Box

9th February 2018

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Billy and Jack

Billy Wright and Jack Layer were finalists in Masterchef 2016, before being beaten in the final by Jane Devonshire.
The two now work together, under the imaginative name Billy & Jack, and they are planning on putting on a number of themed supper clubs in various venues.

Their first event was completed this weekend, and was a daring 24-hour supper club held in the swish restaurant Plum + Spilt Milk at the Great Northern Hotel at Kings Cross.

The supper club was in aid of Cancer Research and was timed to fit in with World Cancer Day on Sunday. It ran from 11am Saturday until 11am Sunday, and comprised six separate sittings – Saturday brunch, lunch, two dinner sittings, late night supper, and Sunday brunch.

We were very happy to provide the meat for the event, and we donated free-range chicken breasts and diced lamb.
The chicken was used to make chicken wellington, a twist on the traditional beef wellington, and these were served in the dinner and supper sittings on Saturday.
The lamb was barbequed by guest chef Ben Tish (author, regular guest on TV cookery shows, and formerly of the Salt Yard group of restaurants) and served with baked squashes, anchovies, capers and brown butter.

Cancer Research is a cause close to Billy’s heart. His Mum has suffered from the disease twice, and in June 2017 Billy was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer after visiting the doctor with a persistent cough. After an operation and ongoing treatment Billy is on the mend, but his experiences mean he is passionate about raising funds and awareness for Cancer Research.

We were very proud to support the event and the cause. Although the boys were exhausted by the end they put on an amazing feast and every plate they served was just perfect.

If you'd like to donate to Cancer Research you still can, by clicking here

Their next event will be a supper club celebrating seasonal British ingredients at BOKI on Saturday 3rd March, flowed by a Sunday Roast at Blacks Club on Sunday 4th March.

For more information please see:
Billy & Jack's website
Billy & Jack's Dinner club at BOKI - 3rd March 2018
Billy & Jack's Sunday Roast at Blacks Club - 4th March 2018
Donate to Cancer Research

5th February 2018

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Macsween Haggis

Here at Keevils we are very proud to be the sole London stockist of Macsween haggis.

Macsween have been making haggis ever since butcher Charlie Macsween opened his first shop in Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield back in 1953.
He started making haggis to his family recipe and sold it as a side-line to the other meat and poultry in the shop.

Charlie’s son John took over the family business in 1975 and decided to concentrate on building up the haggis side of the business rather than the butchery shop.

By 1996 Macsween were one of the best known haggis brands, and to keep up with increasing demand John closed his father’s shop and oversaw the construction of the world’s first purpose-built haggis factory.

Today Macsween are synonymous with haggis, and it is being eaten in bigger quantities than ever before.

We deliver Macsween all across the UK, and although many customers have it as a regular treat, we sell most haggis around Burn’s Night.

Burn’s Night is celebrated annually on the 25th January, which was the birthday of the famous 18th Century Scottish poet Robert Burns, who loved his country and wrote an 8-verse poem in honour of the national dish – Ode to a Haggis.

Today, Burn’s Night is observed all around the world and is used almost as a national day, and a time to celebrate all things Scottish. This of course involves eating Haggis, which is usually served with mashed turnips and potatoes (‘neeps and tatties’).

As well as our UK customers we receive orders from as far away as Norway, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia from people who arrange for us to deliver Macsween haggis to a UK address to then to be shipped to them. Get in touch if you’d like to make a similar arrangement.

If you’re enjoying haggis for Burn’s Night or any other time throughout the year, if you order with us we can deliver authentic Macsween haggis, fresh to your door.

For more information please see:
Buy Haggis online

18th January 2018

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New Year, New Meat

It’s that time of year again when many of us take the opportunity of the start of a new year to set some goals for the next 12 months.
Maybe it’s a small change or something more drastic, but if you’ve made plans for a fresh start – good luck and we hope you stick with it. You can do it!

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get healthier, and although we can’t force you to start jogging, we can help you to eat better.

There’s a big vegetarian trend at the moment (Veganuary, anyone?) and even if some diets are solely plant-based, there’s a lot of science on our side when we say that meat forms an important part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Meat provides vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are difficult to replace with vegetables, and let’s face it: meat also tastes far better than salad.
If you’re planning on working out more and building muscle this is much easier to do if you’re consuming meat because of the high levels of protein it contains.

If you’re trying to lose weight or just eat less fat, you need to be eating lean meats, and chicken breast in particular is low in fat.
We sell very large 5kg packs of chicken breasts, which come very conveniently with the bone and skin removed.
Each pack contains around 22 large chicken breasts, and we’d advise you to invest in some freezer bags, pack the chicken breasts in bags, and freeze them for up to 3 months.
The normal selling price of the 5kg chicken breasts is £36.95, but they are currently on offer at £25.
That’s just £1.13 per breast.

We now stock a range of Buffalo meat, and it’s a great alternative to beef.
Buffalo is a red meat with a very similar flavour and texture to beef, however as it’s lower in saturated fat it is a healthier choice.
Our buffalo comes from Hampshire, and is completely free-range, pasture-fed, and organic.
As well as buffalo steaks we also supply mince, roasting joints, and a steak and kidney mixed pack.

If you eat a lot of meat or if you’re looking to fill your freezer, our Bodybuilder Box might be another option for you.
Containing 34 portions of lean meats, the Bodybuilder is packed with chicken breasts, rump steak, sirloin steak, and pork chops, and will keep you going for a while.
The products would cost £98.95 if bought separately, but the box costs £85 – a saving of 14%.

We have hundreds of other products online to choose from, and if you’d like any nutritional advice or if you aren’t sure which products are best for you, just get in touch.
Our staff are available 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, so just drop us an email at or give us a call on 020 7236 1888, and they’ll be happy to pass on their meaty knowledge!

For more information please see:
5kg Chicken Breasts
Buffalo Meat
Bodybuilder Meat Box

9th January 2018

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