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We source a lot of our meat directly from farmers and small producers, and we are famous for importing some of the finest meats from around the world. Our Black Angus beef for example is widely regarded as some of the best beef available. And we are the sole UK wholesaler of this superb product.

However, we also buy from other traders at Smithfield Market. In the same way as we are known for our beef and our range of free range poultry and wild game, other companies have built reputations for providing great lamb, pork, and venison. We have longstanding relationships with all of them and trade with them on a daily basis. However, we are not tied to any one supplier, for any one meat. Our passion and first principle of business is to ensure that the meat we sell is the very best on the market, on any given day, and we're free to hand-pick the best quality products.

We have relationships with wild game shoots across the country which means we are the first in London to get each game bird as it comes into season. And as many smaller butcher shops buy from us, even if you don’t buy meat online from us direct you may very well have eaten our meat!


Smithfield is the UK’s oldest, biggest and best meat market. (And there’s been a Keevil here since 1850.) Because of this you are more or less guaranteed to find the meat you are looking for, subject to hunting restrictions and seasonal availability.

You cannot trade at Smithfield unless you’ve signed up to a strict code of controls, checks and procedures. One of which insists that the provenance of every single piece of meat, from a chipolata to a whole beef carcass, has to be absolutely clear. All of our meat is fully traceable back to the farm it came from.

When you buy meat online from us, we find the best available source of the cut you’re after, on that particular day. This gives you piece of mind, knowing that the meat you’ll get in your Keevils meat box has been hand-picked by us, and is of outstanding quality.

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