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Meats for Easter

As if by magic, Easter is next weekend. And if you’re wondering how that came round so quicky, you’re not alone.

We love Easter, and it’s not just because of the chocolate eggs.
At Easter we get the same time off work as at Christmas but with none of the pressures of having to send cards, buy presents, and spend time with a whole host of in-laws that we’d really rather not.

Having said that, we love to gather our nearest and dearest together at Easter, and that always revolves around food.

Lamb is a traditional meat to enjoy at Easter, and we have a really great option for you.
Icelandic lamb is renowned around the world for being flavoursome, tender, and very lean.
The sheep live a very free-range life, and are free to graze on pastures of grass, willow, moss, and berries, which gives the meat a distinctive flavour.
Food connoisseurs can tell the difference between lamb from different regions, and the lamb from Iceland is supposedly more aromatic than other varieties.
In Iceland, no antibiotics, hormone supplements, pesticides or herbicides are used in meat production, and this means you can be happy the lamb is natural and as it should be.
We have shoulders of Icelandic Lamb, which will be £20 each but are currently on an introductory offer of £14 each.

We also have cockerels as another option for Easter dinner.
Our cockerels are from Adlington, who also supply our Three-Bird Roasts at Christmas.
The cockerels are free-range, and have a completely natural diet of wheat, maize and whole oats, supplemented with locally-grown apples.
The cockerels love the apples and they give the meat an added sweetness and tenderness.
Each cockerel costs £37.50, and weighs around 3kg, so will provide plenty of meat for 6-8 people.

If you're looking for ideas on what to put on your Easter menu, hop over to BBC Food for some inspiration!

We are delivering until Thursday 29th March, and we need your order by Sunday 25th March.

For more information please see:
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Apple-fed Cockerels
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23rd March 2018

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Sunday Brunch

We’re massive fans of Sunday Brunch on Channel Four, and it forms a major part of our weekend viewing.
Presented by Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy, Sunday Brunch is 3 hours of cooking, celebrity guests and music to brighten up your Sunday morning.

Some time ago they were running a feature comparing unusual sausages, and got in touch with us about our Morteau sausages. Morteau are a traditional smoked French sausage, and it received rave reviews on the show for its bacon-like flavour.

Since then we’ve been the meat supplier for the show, and all the meat you see on screen comes from us, here at Smithfield Market.

A few weeks ago they had Rose Veal, our brand new line of high-welfare British veal, and needless to say it went down a storm.

Yesterday on the show, Simon Rimmer prepared one of our legs of lamb with pears and it looked simply amazing!
We’ve had lots of people asking for the recipe, which you can find by clicking on this link.
The key is in cooking it really slowly for 3 hours, until the meat falls apart and becomes melt-in-the-mouth tender.
It looks like a perfect way to cook your lamb this Easter, so if you’re cooking for a crowd or just looking for something a bit different from normal, this recipe is definitely worth taking a look at.
If you fancy making it, you can order a leg of lamb by clicking here.

Each week the Sunday Brunch website publishes all the recipes for everything made on the show, which often includes cocktails and desserts, as well as our meaty contributions.
They have a really varied mix of dishes, from traditional British to exotic Persian or Thai flavours.
If you’d like to see the latest recipes, just click here to visit the Sunday Brunch website.

For more information please see:
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19th March 2018

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Billy and Jack

Billy Wright and Jack Layer were finalists in Masterchef 2016, before being beaten in the final by Jane Devonshire.
The two now work together, under the imaginative name Billy & Jack, and they are planning on putting on a number of themed supper clubs in various venues.

Their first event was completed this weekend, and was a daring 24-hour supper club held in the swish restaurant Plum + Spilt Milk at the Great Northern Hotel at Kings Cross.

The supper club was in aid of Cancer Research and was timed to fit in with World Cancer Day on Sunday. It ran from 11am Saturday until 11am Sunday, and comprised six separate sittings – Saturday brunch, lunch, two dinner sittings, late night supper, and Sunday brunch.

We were very happy to provide the meat for the event, and we donated free-range chicken breasts and diced lamb.
The chicken was used to make chicken wellington, a twist on the traditional beef wellington, and these were served in the dinner and supper sittings on Saturday.
The lamb was barbequed by guest chef Ben Tish (author, regular guest on TV cookery shows, and formerly of the Salt Yard group of restaurants) and served with baked squashes, anchovies, capers and brown butter.

Cancer Research is a cause close to Billy’s heart. His Mum has suffered from the disease twice, and in June 2017 Billy was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer after visiting the doctor with a persistent cough. After an operation and ongoing treatment Billy is on the mend, but his experiences mean he is passionate about raising funds and awareness for Cancer Research.

We were very proud to support the event and the cause. Although the boys were exhausted by the end they put on an amazing feast and every plate they served was just perfect.

If you'd like to donate to Cancer Research you still can, by clicking here

Their next event will be a supper club celebrating seasonal British ingredients at BOKI on Saturday 3rd March, flowed by a Sunday Roast at Blacks Club on Sunday 4th March.

For more information please see:
Billy & Jack's website
Billy & Jack's Dinner club at BOKI - 3rd March 2018
Billy & Jack's Sunday Roast at Blacks Club - 4th March 2018
Donate to Cancer Research

5th February 2018

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New Year, New Meat

It’s that time of year again when many of us take the opportunity of the start of a new year to set some goals for the next 12 months.
Maybe it’s a small change or something more drastic, but if you’ve made plans for a fresh start – good luck and we hope you stick with it. You can do it!

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get healthier, and although we can’t force you to start jogging, we can help you to eat better.

There’s a big vegetarian trend at the moment (Veganuary, anyone?) and even if some diets are solely plant-based, there’s a lot of science on our side when we say that meat forms an important part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Meat provides vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are difficult to replace with vegetables, and let’s face it: meat also tastes far better than salad.
If you’re planning on working out more and building muscle this is much easier to do if you’re consuming meat because of the high levels of protein it contains.

If you’re trying to lose weight or just eat less fat, you need to be eating lean meats, and chicken breast in particular is low in fat.
We sell very large 5kg packs of chicken breasts, which come very conveniently with the bone and skin removed.
Each pack contains around 22 large chicken breasts, and we’d advise you to invest in some freezer bags, pack the chicken breasts in bags, and freeze them for up to 3 months.
The normal selling price of the 5kg chicken breasts is £36.95, but they are currently on offer at £25.
That’s just £1.13 per breast.

We now stock a range of Buffalo meat, and it’s a great alternative to beef.
Buffalo is a red meat with a very similar flavour and texture to beef, however as it’s lower in saturated fat it is a healthier choice.
Our buffalo comes from Hampshire, and is completely free-range, pasture-fed, and organic.
As well as buffalo steaks we also supply mince, roasting joints, and a steak and kidney mixed pack.

If you eat a lot of meat or if you’re looking to fill your freezer, our Bodybuilder Box might be another option for you.
Containing 34 portions of lean meats, the Bodybuilder is packed with chicken breasts, rump steak, sirloin steak, and pork chops, and will keep you going for a while.
The products would cost £98.95 if bought separately, but the box costs £85 – a saving of 14%.

We have hundreds of other products online to choose from, and if you’d like any nutritional advice or if you aren’t sure which products are best for you, just get in touch.
Our staff are available 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, so just drop us an email at or give us a call on 020 7236 1888, and they’ll be happy to pass on their meaty knowledge!

For more information please see:
5kg Chicken Breasts
Buffalo Meat
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9th January 2018

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January Sale - Now On

If you’re feeling the pinch from Christmas but you still want to eat well, you might be interested to know our January Sale is now on.

We always have special offers running throughout the year but as a special post-Christmas treat we’ve got savings on some of our best-selling meats, as well as sauces to go with them.

Our Black Angus Beef is one of our most popular products, and we are now offering savings of up to 25% on various cuts, including Sirloin, Ribeye, Fillet and Rump.
Black Angus is a premium breed of cattle and ours is free-range, grass-fed, and gets consistently positive feedback from our customers.

Our corn-fed chicken breasts are another of our most popular products, and we’ve taken 20% off in the sale.
Supplied with the skin on and the wing bone left in, they are very versatile as they can be roasted as they are for a restaurant-standard of presentation, or you can easily remove the skin and bone to cook as a standard chicken fillet.
The corn-based diet of the chickens leaves their meat with a yellow tinge, and also makes it very moist and tender.

We don’t just have offers on meat – we also sell a range of sauces and they are featured in the sale, too.

Bolognese is one of our favourite mid-week meals but we don’t always have the time (or energy!) to make it from scratch.
Our friends at the Potts Partnership have the perfect solution, and their pre-made Bolognese Sauce is far superior to the jars in the local supermarket.
Made with wine and balsamic vinegar, the sauce has a really rich flavour and tastes incredible.

Potts also supply condiments, and their Mustard and Herb sauce is also in the sale.
A moreish blend of Dijon and wholegrain mustard, with thyme, parsley and sage, it goes perfectly with cold meats or roast chicken.

Take a look at the sale and see what you fancy, there are loads more products on offer, and with savings of up to 45% there’s sure to be something that catches your eye.

For more information please see:
January Sale

4th January 2018

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Posh Scouse

The colder weather is on its way and we’re dusting off our recipe books and planning some tasty casseroles and stews.
Slow-cooked meats warm the soul and we love this time of year as it’s a great excuse to indulge.

Our Winter brochure launces next week and one of the recipes included in it is our take on Scouse, the traditional Northern stew.

Lobscouse was a lamb-based dish traditionally eaten by sailors all across Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and it was brought to England via Liverpool, home to the famous docks and a place where foreign sailors often stayed.
The name was shortened to Scouse, and such was the popularity of it in Liverpool that the locals became known as ‘Scousers’; a name which has stuck.

Scouse isn’t a set dish and there are many variations, but they all generally contain lamb, potatoes and carrots, slow cooked until soft and tender.
Our version of Scouse was given to us by our customer Claire Thompson, and her recipe uses beef instead of lamb, just to make it a bit more posh.

Posh Scouse (serves 6)

1kg Diced Beef
4 Bay Leaves
3 large Carrots, in large chunks
3 Potatoes, in large chunks
2 Leeks, chopped
2 Celery Sticks, chopped
1 tbsp Olive Oil
4 Bay Leaves
2 tbsp Tomato Puree
2 tbsp Brown Sauce
2 tbsp Worcester Sauce
1 tbsp Brown Sugar
700ml Beef Stock

1. Fry the diced beef in olive oil until brown and sealed, then put in a large saucepan.
2. Put all of the chopped vegetables and the bay leaves on top of the beef.
3. Add the tomato puree, brown sauce, Worcester sauce, and sugar to the beef stock, then pour the mixture over the vegetables and meat.
4. Season, then bring to the boil. Cover and reduce the heat and leave to simmer for 3 hours until the beef is tender and the vegetables are soft and cooked through.

Slow Cooker
Brown the meat then add all other ingredients (only using 350ml of stock) and cook for 8 hours on Low.

Brown the meat then add all other ingredients, place in a casserole dish with a lid for 4 hours at 160C/140C fan/ Gas Mark 3.

If you want to be really posh, sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving.
Serve with crusty bread.

26th October 2017

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The Paleo Diet

Also known as the ‘caveman diet’, paleo eating aims to go back to basics and eat as our ancestors would have done originally, in the days before processed foods and refined sugar.

Focussing on eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, with nuts, seeds and only the highest quality fish and meat, the paleo diet is a nutritious and healthy choice, and has much in common with the recent clean eating trends.

The theory behind the paleo diet is that our digestive systems were developed to eat the foods that were readily available to hunter-gatherers in prehistoric times, and that we haven’t evolved very much since then.
By removing unnatural and processed foods from their diet, many paleo followers report having more energy, feeling less sluggish and also losing weight.
Medical studies have suggested that a paleo lifestyle can also help lower blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Unlike other diets, paleo is more of a lifestyle choice, so there is no calorie control or weighing foods required. This makes it more relaxed and less regimented, although it can make eating out a challenge.

An easy way of working out if a food fits into the paleo diet is by thinking whether it was available 1000s of years ago to our earliest ancestors. So for example, dairy products, bread and processed meats such as bacon aren’t allowed, as well as root vegetables which weren’t eaten by early man.

For paleo inspiration we asked food journalist (and paleo follower) Jo Romero to put together a tasty dish using Keevils’ products.
Jo suffered from IBS and psoriasis for years but after starting a paleo diet her symptoms disappeared and she’s now in top health!
Using our lamb mince Jo cooked up delicious stuffed courgettes, the perfect easy, tasty lunch, full of veggies and low on carbs.

For more information please see:
Jo Romero’s blog
Buy lamb mince online

6th September 2017

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Father's Day Treats

Father’s Day this year is on Sunday 18th June, and if you haven’t bought your Dad a present yet you really need to start thinking about it!

Dads always tend to do worse on Father’s Day than Mums do on Mother’s Day. In fact, research shows that we spend on average a third more on Mother’s Day presents than on the male equivalent.
This is terrible – those poor Dads!

We think it’s about time this was put right, and if you’re struggling for ideas on what Father’s Day present to buy the top man in your life, we have a great idea!

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Well it’s just the same when that man is your Dad.

Our new Breakfast Box is a brilliant combination of our favourite breakfast items, including our superb new Breakfast Sauce, made by our friends at Salubrious Sauces.
All you need to add are eggs, beans, maybe a tomato or two, and mushrooms (if you’re that way inclined).

Breakfast Sauce is somewhere between tomato ketchup and brown sauce; it’s fruity, tangy, with a mild spicy kick. It’s fantastic with a fry-up and finally settles that age-old debate “red or brown?”.

Also included in the Breakfast Box is a large pack of 18 of our ever-popular Cumberland Sauces, taken from prime British pork shoulder, mixed with black and white pepper.
Around 30 slices of premium Dry-Cured smoked Back Bacon from Norfolk, and one of our delicious traditional Irish Black Pudding Sticks.

So that’s breakfast all round, with plenty for everyone.
(We find the best presents are the ones that you get to share!).

Don’t forget – it isn’t just your Dad that needs to be treated on Father’s Day! What about your Grandad, Step Dad, Father-in-law, and even the father of your children. They all deserve a day of being spoilt, too.

Order the Breakfast Box online for delivery to your choice of UK mainland address.
Place your order by Midnight on Wednesday 14th June to guarantee delivery before Father’s Day 18th June.

For more information please see:
Breakfast Box
Breakfast Sauce

12th June 2017

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Lower Delivery Charge

When you buy meat online from us we try to delivery as quickly as we possibly can, so the day after you place your meat order we prepare and pack your box, and then deliver it the following day.
That means you're able to receive your delivery less than 48 hours after placing it.
Of course, if you’re ordering for a special occasion or you want your order for a specific date, you can also choose a delivery date further in advance, up to 3 months ahead.

Our delivery charges have been set for some time at £7.95 for standard delivery – but all that has changed!
Because we decided our delivery charges were just too high, and so we’ve now lowered them.

From now on, our standard delivery charge is £5, and delivery is still free on orders over £75. Saturday deliveries are £20, which drops to £15 on orders over £75, and is free when you spend £150 or more.

When you receive your delivery we don’t need to get a signature if there’s somewhere safe to leave the box, so if you want to leave instructions for the driver to leave in a porch or shed, or with a neighbour, just let us know.

We also offer a click and collect service from our Smithfield store, so if you live or work locally in the Farringdon area you can pop in and collect your order.
Because we’re on Smithfield Market, our butchers start very early in the morning and all leave to go home by 9am, so we know coming in to buy from the market can be a pain and mean you need to set your alarm specially! However if you’ve ordered in advance we can put your order in our fridges and so it’ll be ready for you to collect later in the day.

Our shop is at 218 Central Markets, in the old Poultry Market, and we’re a 10 minute walk from either Farringdon or Barbican tube stations.

For more information please see:
Delivery information

15th May 2017

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Rewards for Reviews

We have been working with Feefo since last Summer, when they began collecting reviews from our customers.
The real benefit of this kind of independent feedback is that you can rely on it to be honest because it’s collected by a separate company and we have no way of influencing the results!

We send Feefo over information on of all our orders, including your name and details of the products you ordered and when they were delivered.
Then a few days after delivery Feefo get in touch with you direct and ask you to rate the service we provided, and the products themselves.
It’s easy to leave a rating out of 5 stars, and you can write a more detailed review if you want to.
Because it’s very quick to do and so helpful to other customers, we really hope you’ll leave a review of your Keevils order!

We’ve been delighted with the results of our customer feedback so far, and we’ve currently received 339 reviews on our service and scored 99% overall.
We strive to provide the best service, and we pride ourselves on the fact that the customer service we give really sets us apart from other butchers, so it’s wonderful to know that our customers agree.

To say thank you for taking the time to leave a review, each month we pick one Feefo reviewer as a winner of a £100 gift voucher to use on a Keevils order.

The winner is chosen at random from everyone who’s written a review in the month, and it doesn’t even matter if it was positive or negative feedback, everyone is eligible to win.

So please, leave your feedback when you receive the email from Feefo. Not only does it help us, it might mean you’ll get your next order free!

For more information please see:
Keevil and Keevil on Feefo

3rd May 2017

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Great British Food Awards

We've been nominated as Best Independent Online Retailer in the Great British Food awards!

Here at Keevils we always strive to give the best customer experience possible, and we were really happy when a few weeks ago we were awarded the Gold Trusted Service award from Feefo, which is based on customer reviews.

We’re therefore over the moon to let you know we have now been nominated for the Best Independent Online Retailer award by Great British Food magazine.

The Great British Food awards are now in their 4th year, and are run by the foodie magazine Great British Food. The magazine writers choose their 10 favourite nominees in a series of categories, and then the shortlist is put to the Great British public for their deciding votes.

As the name suggests, the awards are a celebration of the best of British food, and the 20 categories include Best British Food Brand, Best British Restaurant and Best Food Writer.

We enjoyed looking through the nominees because as well as the excitement of seeing our own name on there, the list of nominees is a great recommendation for some food brands we hadn’t heard of before.

The voting is now open, and we need your help!
We would really appreciate it if you could head on over to the online voting form to cast your votes.
You can find the voting form by clicking here

As a little treat for having your say, everyone who votes is automatically entered into a draw to win one of 36 prizes, with a total value of £7000.
There are loads of different prizes on offer, all with a foodie theme, from kitchen equipment and hampers to a stay at a boutique hotel.

Voting closes on the 17th July, and the winners will be announced in the October issue of Great British Food magazine.
This means we have a painfully long wait to find out if we’ve won! But we really hope you’ll get involved, and even if we don’t win, we hope one of our customers ends up bagging one of the prizes on offer.

For more information please see:
Great British Food Magazine Awards

10th March 2017

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Trusted Service Award

We always enjoy receiving our customer’s feedback and although we hope for it to be positive, even when there are negative comments it’s really helpful to know where we can improve.

Back in the Summer last year we began working with Feefo, who are an independent company that collect feedback for us.
They are totally separate from us and their sole purpose is to collect genuine, unbiased reviews from our customers.

Each week Feefo contact all our customers that received a delivery from us in the previous week, and ask what they thought of the service they received and the products we sent them.
No feedback is edited in any way, so what you see on the Feefo reviews is genuinely what our customers think.

Our current Feefo rating overall is 4.9 out of 5 for service, and 4.8 out of 5 for products.
We are extremely happy with these ratings as they really show how our whole team, from customer service to production, are working together to give you the best service possible.

If you’d like to take a look at our current ratings on Feefo, please click here which will take you to the latest Keevil and Keevil reviews.

Each year Feefo give awards to companies that are providing excellent service, and we are thrilled to be able to announce that we have been given a Gold Trusted Service Award!
Trusted Service Awards are given to companies who consistently achieve high scores in their reviews, and to acknowledge dedication to outstanding service - and the Gold awards go to the best of the best.

At Keevil and Keevil we are committed to providing excellent customer service and we are delighted that this has been recognised.
We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to leave us a review, and let you know we really appreciate this, and we will continue striving to be the best online butcher in the UK.

For more information please see:
Keevil & Keevil Independent Reviews

16th February 2017

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