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Christmas Capon

Christmas is less than 3 weeks away, but if you haven’t planned your Christmas dinner yet, don’t worry, there’s still time.
We have a wide selection of Christmas meats available that you can order online and we will deliver direct from Smithfield market to you door, right across the UK.

Every year we sell masses of turkeys and geese, but more than anything our customers choose capon.

Capon is the butchery term for a castrated cockerel, and although caponisation is illegal in the UK, we buy ours from France where they are still produced.

By castrating the cockerel it stops it from releasing testosterone, which keeps the meat tender and flavoursome and stops it becoming tough, but the bird still grows much larger than a chicken would do.

Our capons are from Northern France, and they are traditionally reared on free-range farms and fed on a corn-based diet. The natural life they lead is reflected in the quality of the meat, and the finished product is rich and moist, with real depth of flavour.

Each capon weighs just over 3kg and will feed 6 people comfortably.

Our capons are produced especially for Christmas, and because of that we only have them for a very short time, just before Christmas.
This year we are delivering capons on two days only, so if you need one you really need to get your order in as soon as possible as we have limited capons and also limited delivery spaces!
We can deliver capons on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December.
The capons delivered on 21st will have a best-before date of 25th December, and the birds delivered on 22nd will have a best-before of 26th.

If you would like to order a capon for delivering to you this Christmas you can find them online here.

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6th December 2017

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Christmas Gift Ideas

We have all your favourite Christmas meats in stock now and available for delivery to your door right up until the 22nd December, but did you know we also have a range of stocking fillers, perfect for the foodie in your life?

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for a Christmas present for someone who loves food, our friends at Lane’s BBQ and Eat 17 have something up their sleeves that may be just what you’re looking for.

Lane’s BBQ is based in Bethlehem, Georgia, and was set up by award-winning pitmaster Ryan Lane. Ryan had been making his own meat rubs and sauces to use in BBQ competitions, and because of the huge demand from friends and family, he decided to launch it as a business.
Today Lane’s BBQ produces a delicious and very diverse range which adds extra oomph to your food, whether you’re cooking on the BBQ or under the grill, using meat or veg.

Our favourite Lane’s product is the Signature Rub – it adds a depth of flavour with a very mild chilli heat. Even just a small sprinkling over your plain grilled pork chops or chicken breasts makes them really special and flavoursome.

We sell all of Lane’s BBQ rubs and sauces individually or in multi-packs, which offer a saving of at least 15%.

We recently started working with Eat 17, a restaurant in East London who began producing their own bacon jam to serve in their burgers. Customers loved it, so they started selling it on its own, and then added with new variants of Chilli Bacon Jam and Chorizo Jam.

Bacon Jam is a taste revelation and although it sounds like it might be a novelty product, it’s really a delicious combination of sweet onion jam and savoury, salty bacon.

We use bacon jam instead of chutney with bread and cheese, and we also love it spread on toast, with cheese melted on top. Stir it through cooked pasta, have it in a burger, or on the side with a fry-up; there are so many options for you to experiment with.

If none of those ideas have inspired you, we also do a Steak and Red Wine Box, which makes an ideal gift for a carnivore. It contains two each of our delicious grass-fed Sirloin, Rump, Ribeye and Fillet steaks, and a bottle of Malbec Reserve wine by Beefsteak Club.

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1st December 2017

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