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Christmas Countdown

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and we now have just 4 weeks until Christmas Day!
It’s time to make a list (and check it twice) of everything you need to do to prepare.

This weekend has seen loads of discounts right across the country so hopefully you were able to pick up some bargains and get your Christmas shopping started with a bang.
We’ve had our Black Friday sale which we extended and it now ends tonight at Midnight.
If you haven’t had a chance to look yet, you can see our Black Friday offers here.

If you’re in charge of buying meat for Christmas dinner we have a range of different options to choose between, from traditional Turkey or Goose to an impressive Three-Bird-Roast.

If you’re playing it safe with turkey you can’t go wrong with one of ours.
Our Bronze Turkeys are free-range and are from a farm in Surrey. They are reared completely naturally and have constant access to the outdoors with lots of places they can roost or roll in the dust.
Allow 1kg of whole turkey for every 2 adult servings, so for example a 5-6kg turkey will feed 10-12 people.

Goose gets more popular every year as an alternative to turkey.
Our Geese are reared in small flocks in a number of farms across East Anglia. They spend their days foraging for food and hissing at passing people and farmyard animals.
Geese have much less breast meat than turkeys, and so a higher proportion of their weight is bone.
Because of this you need to allow 1kg of goose for each adult serving, so for example a 5-6kg goose will feed 5-6 people.

Our Three-Bird-Roasts are an indulgent treat that you can only really get away with at Christmas.
We de-bone three free-range birds and then stuff them inside each other, with added layers of delicious Sage & Caramelised Onion sausagemeat stuffing.
This makes a boneless joint that’s sure to impress when you cut into it and your guests see all the different-coloured meats.
Available in a choice of sizes, starting at £65 for the Duck roast which weighs 2.5kg and will feed 6-8 people.

Whatever you choose from your Christmas meal, you need to place your order before Midnight on 17th December (or by the 10th if you’d like a Three-Bird-Roast).
We’re delivering until 22nd December but delivery slots for that day are nearly full – so if you need that day we would advise you to order in the next couple of days before it’s fully booked.

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27th November 2017

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Black Friday Sale

OK, we know it’s only Thursday – and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving to our American customers, we hope you're enjoying your turkey and pumpkin pie! 

But we couldn’t wait any longer, and so you get to enjoy our special Black Friday offers a whole day earlier than normal.

This year we have a real treat for you, because our rarely-discounted Black Angus beef is on offer, with up to 25% off.
Our Black Angus is top quality, grass-fed matured beef which has won numerous awards and continues to be our customers’ favourite beef.
Available as whole or half-sized Rumps, Ribeyes, Sirloin and Fillet, this is your chance to buy it for 25% less than usual.

Also on offer are our tasty T-Bone steaks cut from Chilean beef. Chile is one of the top beef-producing countries in the world, and the area we get ours from is in the foothills of the Andes and very much like an Alpine environment.
The T-Bones each weigh 280g (10oz) and come in a pack of 3. At just £13.50 for 3 steaks that’s just £4.50 per steak which we think you’ll agree is excellent value.

Our final product on offer is our very popular Back Bacon, in our already very well-prices Big Value packs. Big Value doesn’t mean low quality, and our large packs contain around 50 slices of flavoursome rashers that aren’t pumped full of water and won’t shrink down to nothing when cooked.
Choose from smoked, unsmoked, or sweetcure bacon, and save a third on all packs.

There’s no restriction on how many offers you can purchase, the only limit is how much fridge and freezer space you have!

Offers are valid from now until Midnight on Saturday 25th November, so place your order soon and don’t delay!

For more information please visit the Black Friday Sale.

23rd November 2017

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Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving is one of the main events on the American calendar, and although the precise date changes every year it’s always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

This year Thanksgiving falls on Thursday the 23rd November, and this will be when Americans around the world gather with their nearest and dearest (and eat huge amounts of food).

The origins of Thanksgiving lie with the Pilgrim Fathers, the first English settlers in America back in the 1600s. Their original celebration was after their first successful harvest, when they had a feast which lasted for 3 days and they invited a tribe of local Native Americans to share their food with them.

Thanksgiving today is of course centred on food, but it is also a day to spend with loved ones and is viewed by most as the first event of the festive season.

Here in the UK we’ve seen Thanksgiving grow from something that most people had only heard of in films and TV a few years ago, and it’s now an increasingly popular event for US ex-pats, and also the Brits that feel they're missing out and want a piece of the action.
10 years ago we only sold a handful of turkeys in November, but now the days leading up to Thanksgiving are some of our busiest in the whole year as the turkeys start to fly out – and every year it gets busier!

We deliver all across the UK so wherever you are, if you're celebrating Thanksgiving in the UK you can rely on us to deliver your turkey, right to your door.

Thanksgiving is probably more celebrated in the UK for the fact that the following day is Black Friday, and the start of a weekend of large discounts at many retailers.
We like to join in the fun and our Black Friday sale will be on its way right after Thanksgiving, so keep an eye out for some savings!

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2nd November 2017

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