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British Pie Week

This week it’s the annual event we’re sure you’ve all been counting down to – British Pie Week!

Pie week was originally started by the ready-made pastry company Jus-Rol back in 2007 as a marketing ploy. But because we all love pie so much it’s caught on and is now a popular event for the foodie world. It’s basically just a great excuse to eat pie and share our favourite pie recipes!

Pie is a true Great British comfort food, and this time of year is perfect to celebrate it. While it’s chilly and wet outside there’s nothing quite like a hot pie and piles of mash to warm you up at the end of the day.

It’s been ten years since the first pie week and now everyone from national newspapers to top restaurants are getting in on the fun.

Jus-Rol have carried out a survey and found that 75% of people eat pie at least once a month, so if you’re one of the 25% now is the time to join the rest of us!

If you’re planning on cooking a pie this week may we suggest this recipe by Delia Smith for a cracking Steak and Kidney pie.
Or if you’re looking for a vegetarian option – we can’t help you with that, sorry.

Our pies are made for us in the Kent countryside by Kentish Mayde.
They use top quality ingredients, locally sourced where possible, and the pies are generously filled. There’s nothing worse than a half filled pie and these are far from it – there’s filling right up to the crust, so there’s no awkward empty space when you cut into it.

Our pies come in a variety of fillings – try the classic Steak and Kidney, or something a bit more unusual with Steak and Stilton.
There are two sizes to choose from, either the Family size which will feed 4, or Medium pies which will serve 1 or 2, depending on your appetite!

This week in honour of British Pie Week we’re taking 20% off the price of our pies, so the larger Family pies are now £6.16, and the smaller Medium version is £2.80.

This offer is only running until this Sunday the 12th March though, so don’t miss out!

For more information please see:
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6th March 2017