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Valentine's Offers

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner, and if you’re out to impress we have a bit of advice for you: cook!

There’s no better way to show the one you love how much you care about them than by taking the time to cook them a Valentine’s Day meal.
Make it a full 3 courses and don’t forget the candles for extra brownie points!

The best place to start your planning is of course with the best quality ingredients.
We have a couple of offers on Valentine’s-friendly meats that could work well for your dinner à deux.

Fillet steak is a classic Valentine’s Day meal choice, and it fits the bill perfectly as each steak is the ideal portion size for one person, and as fillet is a fairly expensive cut your love will be suitably impressed!
Fillet is very lean and we recommend cooking it medium-rare. If you cook fillet well done it can become dry and chewy.
Our fillet steaks are taken from free-range British cattle, and are 6oz each. Usually £18.50 for a pack of 2 they are now £14.50 – a saving of 21%.

Duck breast is another really good choice for Valentine’s.
Again, the perfect size to serve one breast per person, duck is great because it’s not something you tend to eat often which makes it more of a treat.
Our duck breasts are taken from French Barbary ducks, and weigh 6oz each.
Usually £7.50 for a pack of 2, they're now £5 – a saving of 33%.

Once you’ve decided what to cook you’ll also need to think of what to drink.
We sell arrange of wines to go with your meat, but if you’re like us you’ll want bubbles for Valentine’s Day!
We have a couple of sparkling wines that we source from the Chapel Down winery in Kent.
If you think English wines are low quality – think again. Chapel Down are very respected and used by a number of high-profile celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.
Chapel Down Vintage Reserve Brut is an English alternative to prosecco or champagne, and has won numerous international wine awards.
The Chapel Down Rosé Brut is a pink sparkling wine, dry, rich and fruity.
Our Chapel Down sparkling wines are also on offer, with up to 18% off, so make the ideal accompaniment to your Valentine’s meal.

Whatever you end up cooking, we hope your meal goes well and your love is swept of their feet!

If you need inspiration for romantic-themed desserts we’ve found a lovely selection here from the Great British Chefs.

For a final touch and a bit of fun you could add some heart-shaped confetti to the table, and we've found some to order online here from Party Pieces.

You need to place your order with us online before Midnight on Sunday 12th February, and we can deliver to you on the 14th.

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10th February 2017