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Have You Tried Goat?

Have you ever tried goat meat? We’re very pleased to let you know we’re now stocking free-range goat from English farms.

Goat meat is healthy and is lower in fat and cholesterol compared to other red meats. Although it is similar to lamb, the difference between goat and lamb meat is that goat is darker in colour, and has a deeper and less sweet flavour.

Goat is very popular in Caribbean, African, and Middle Eastern recipes, and is often cooked in highly-flavoured goat curry or stew. We love this recipe for Jamiacan Curried Goat from Jamaican chef Patrick Williams, which is a hearty, spicy stew perfect for goat.

Our diced goat is taken from the shoulder and loin, and we’ve left it on the bone. Stewing meat on the bone adds to the flavour of the sauce and means your goat curry will be delicious and rich. When cooked the meat falls away from the bone easily, and so having the bone in doesn’t make it hard to eat.

Our goats are from Hampshire, from a family-run farm which has specialised in rearing cattle and goats for over 50 years. The goats are free range and are left to graze happily in the fields. This very natural and traditional lifestyle is reflected in the fine texture and flavour of the resulting goat meat.

If you haven’t tried goat before we would definitely recommend it. We have goat legs and 1kg packs of stewing lamb available, and are looking to extend the range, as well. We can deliver all across the UK for you, so even if you’re not in London you won’t miss out.

We’ve always sold the most popular meats, and we have a number of different cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken to choose from. We’re really happy to have now added goat to the selection of meats we have available to buy online, and hope that once you try it you will be converted too.

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3rd November 2016