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The Team


The Keevil and Keevil team

Our aim is to give you the next best experience to coming into our Smithfield shop in person. The team we have here at Keevils all work in the market – some of them all their working lives and all of them have one thing in common: a love of meat combined with a passion for making sure ours is the best you can buy. They know good meat when they see it and where to get the best example of a particular cut on any given day. So that when you open your box, you know the meat that’s in it is the best from the best.

The Keevils team are all dedicated Keevil and Keevil employees – some of whom have been with us since they left school.

Overseen by Peter Landers, the team take the orders you place via the website and sort them into ‘Good-to-go’ boxes or ‘Create your own’.

The former go to our preparation department, which is located right next to our tennis-court sized walk-in refrigerators and freezers; in the catacombs under Smithfield (as seen in James Bond Skyfall).

Each morning these chill units are re-stocked with all the meat necessary for our orders, fresh from our own direct suppliers and the local experts on the market that day.

If you’re creating your own box, that order will go direct to one of our trained pickers. They take each order at a time and personally ‘fill’ your box. In practise, this means checking our systems to see what we have in stock and then sourcing from the market for what we don’t. This is where their skill, expertise and our reputation come in.

Shortly after our pickers start work, they’re out on the market checking out who's got the best particular meat in any one category, so when your order comes in, they know exactly who to buy it from at the best price.

It takes a little more time and effort but it means the meat you put on your table will taste a whole lot better!

Our promise

A great deliVery everytime

Only the finest Quality of cuts

A Passion For Service