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Taking the Bacon

We love bacon. OK, it isn’t the healthiest option but we just can’t help ourselves when we hear the sizzle and smell the smoky aroma of our favourite meaty treat!

Back bacon is cut from the loin, the same part of the pig that pork chops and loin steaks come from, while streaky bacon is taken from the belly.
Back bacon is the leaner type of bacon, and it has a layer of fat down one side which can be easily removed if you prefer.
Streaky bacon is fattier and this makes it perfect for wrapping around chicken breasts or your Christmas turkey to keep them moist during cooking. We also love streaky bacon served the American way – cooked until really crispy and piled on top of pancakes with lashings of maple syrup.

At Keevils we have a few types of bacon, and there’s something for everyone.

Our large Big Value packs weigh a hefty 2.3kg each, and contain plenty of bacon to keep you going for a while. The Big Value Back Bacon packs contain at least 50 slices, and the Big Value Streaky Bacon packs have around 90 slices. Enough for the largest family, or the biggest bacon fan!

Our Big Value packs of bacon are wet-cured, which means they are left in big vats of brine to cure. Although the wet cure is a mix of water and salt, the bacon doesn’t have extra water pumped into it like some cheap bacon does, so it won’t shrink when you cook it.

Our Big Value bacon is available to order online and you can choose for it to be smoked, unsmoked, or sweetcure. Smoked and unsmoked speak for themselves, while sweetcure is not as common, but completely delicious. We take out a little of the salt used in curing and replace it with sugar for a sweeter flavour, it really works!

We also sell Dry-Cured Bacon, which again is available as back or streaky bacon, smoked or unsmoked. The Dry-Cured Bacon comes in a smaller pack, weighing 1.5kg, however you’ll still get around 30 slices of back bacon, or 50 slices of streaky.

In a dry-cure, the sides of pork are covered in a dry mix of salt and sugar, and then left to cure. No water is used at all in the curing process, and this is a more traditional method which takes longer than wet-curing but leads to a higher quality product which will crisp up beautifully.

If you’re as bacon-crazy as us you might be interested in these bacon-scented candles we found online. Sure to set a romantic mood.
And if you really LOVE bacon, why on Earth would you want minty-fresh breath when you can be bacon-fresh?! Yes, you can buy bacon toothpaste. Bit much..?

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5th June 2017