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A strong English blue cheese

Stilton 1.3kg

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Stilton 1.9kg

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A classic British cheese, Stilton is semi-soft, creamy and strongly-flavoured.

Stilton is protected and can only be made in Derbyshire, Leicestershire or Nottinghamshire.

Made from pasteurised cow's milk, it comes in two varieties - Blue and White.

Ours is Blue, which is the stronger and more common of the two.

It has a crumbly texture and a complex, slightly acidic aftertaste.

A great after-dinner cheese, Stilton is a must-have on a cheese board.

It is also perfect for crumbling into soups, salads and dips, or melted onto a steak.

Available in sizes from a quarter wheel weighing 1.3kg, up to 1.9kg.

Supplied fresh

Supplied fresh.

Put into a fridge as soon as possible after delivery, and consume within 2 weeks or before best before date on packaging.

Stilton is suitable for home freezing - wrap tightly in cling film and freeze for up to 3 months.

Remove from fridge 30 minutes before eating and allow to come to room temperature.

Ideal for serving as part of a cheese board, Stilton can be used to cook as is particularly good in soups with broccoli or cauliflower.

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