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Red Ruby Farm Visit

Our customers are very demanding, and that’s what we love about them.
They want to know that the meat they eat is top quality, and the very best available.
Because of this we are always looking for new producers to work with, and strive to build a range that’s wider but more selective than anywhere else.

Last year we began stocking Red Ruby beef, from the Chapman herd in Sarratt, Hertfordshire.
Laura and Jonathan have been farming since 2010, when they bought six cows with calves from a local breeder.
Jonathan is from a farming family and although he’d been working in the City for years it was always his dream to return to farming.
In the 8 years that the Chapmans have been building their herd they now have over 200 cattle.

Because they were starting from scratch Laura and Jonathan had the luxury of being able to choose exactly which breed they wanted to work with.
European breeds are larger and yield more meat per animal, however the Chapmans were passionate in choosing a native breed that would prosper on their farm.

They eventually decided on Devon Red Ruby, as it’s a smaller, hardy breed that is renowned for great tasting meat, and is resilient enough to endure the cold British Winters.

We went to visit the farm last week, and although the cattle have been brought in off the fields for the colder months, they are in large three-sided barns with an open front, so they are still exposed to fresh, open air.

The Chapmans are certified members of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, or which there are only 50 in the country.
This means that the cattle on the Chapmans’ farm are fed only on pasture, made up of grass, herbs, and clover, and they are never given supplementary feed made of cereals or soya.
This very natural diet makes the meat more fully-flavoured and also more nutritional than non-pasture fed meat, and it also makes sense from an environmental point of view.

To read more about the benefits of pasture-fed beef just click here to visit the Pasture for Life website.

Although we’re in the depths of Winter the cattle are consuming haylage made from the pastures during last year, so the farm is still completely self-sufficient and 100% pasture-fed.

Our Red Ruby beef is available to order online, just click here to view the range.
We receive deliveries from the Chapmans every 3 weeks so if anything is unavailable do check back soon, or email us to find out when it’s expected back in stock.

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15th February 2018

Red Ruby on the farm