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Bulk Buying Chicken

Our large packs of chicken breasts are one of our best selling products, and it isn’t hard to see why. Each pack weighs 5kg and contains around 22 skinless and boneless chicken breasts.

Chicken is one of the most protein-rich meats and is naturally low in fat, so if you’re looking to eat healthily or following a paleo or high protein diet, our 5kg Chicken Breast packs are ideal.

These chicken breasts are larger than those you find in the supermarket, and weigh around 8oz (220g) each. That’s over 20% bigger than supermarket chicken breasts which are usually more like 6oz (170g) each.

With no added water or preservatives, this is 5kg of 100% chicken breast, and because it’s a large pack we can do it at a really good price, too.

The normal retail price of our large pack of chicken breasts is £36.95, but we have it at a reduced price of £22.50 – a saving of nearly 40%, and a price of just over £1 per breast.

Chicken breast is such a versatile meat that can be left fairly plain and poached for a simple, low fat dish, or dressed up with marinades or sauces to make a much more decadent meal. If you get through a lot of chicken, the large pack will save so much time and money.

Our chicken breasts are delivered fresh in a large vacuum-sealed pack. Once you receive it, it’s really easy to divide into smaller packs or sandwich bags, then freeze them to cook when you need them.
The chicken can be frozen for up to 3 months so you have plenty of time to use them.

If you’re looking to save some money but not prepared to compromise on quality, bulk buying chicken is a great idea, and such an easy way to economise.

But don't worry if you’re running out of ideas on what to do with all that chicken, there's a really good selection of recipes for chicken breast here on the Good Food website.

Don’t forget, you can save 10% on your first order by quoting discount code NCRKK at checkout.

For more information please see:
5kg Chicken Breasts

2nd February 2017

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January Sale

Our January sale is now online, and we’ve got a great selection of products with up big discounts on their normal prices.

If you like beef then you’re in for a treat, we have our fantastic range of Black Angus has up to 40% off.
Just choose from Rump, Sirloin, Ribeye or Fillet.
Black Angus is free-range and is just delicious, and it’s consistently rated as excellent in our customers’ reviews.

Our Chilean Sirloin is also included in the sale, and is now just £20 for a 2kg piece. That’s a 55% saving! Chilean beef is gaining in popularity, and we’re big fans. The region of Chile that our beef comes from is very similar to the Alps, and the lush vegetation and hilly terrain both contribute to flavoursome, tender beef. Because we buy it in bulk we can pass on the savings to you and offer you this great quality joint of beef for a very affordable price.

Also in the sale we have fresh Scottish Venison Steaks, that are £10 for a pack of two steaks – a 31% saving.
And our award-winning Black Pudding Stick is just £3, which is 33% off the normal price.

There’s plenty more besides these so head on over to the January Sale page now to see the full list of what’s on offer.

The good news is that even after January, you can still save money on meat. Our Special Offers are regularly updated and full of seasonal products with extra discounts.

If you’d like to get our special offers emailed to you, don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list by entering your email address below, and we’ll let you know what new savings there are.


For more information please see:
January Sale
Current Special Offers
Black Angus Beef

3rd January 2017

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Black Friday

Our Black Friday offers are now online, but you need to hurry as you only have until Midnight on Saturday to save up to 40%!

Black Friday sales were relatively unheard of in the UK until very recently, but now many retailers get in on the fun of offering substantial discounts for a very short time over the last weekend in November.

We’ve run Black Friday discounts for the last 3 years, and each year has been busier and busier, and we even notice a dip in sales figures for the days directly before as our customers wait for the special offers before placing their order.

This year we have two very special offers for you.

Our Salt Beef is made from Irish beef brisket and is prepared for us by Hensons. They cure the brisket and supply it in a sealed pack still in the brine, so it keeps for up to 2 weeks and you just need to boil it for 2-3 hours to prepare. Hensons also supply Selfridges and if it’s good enough for them it’s definitely good enough for us!
Our salt beef is available in a 2kg or 2.5kg piece, and both sizes have 25% off for the next 2 days.

Our Lamb Leg Steaks are a new product we’ve been working on.
We’ve taken a whole leg of grass-fed Chilean lamb, removed the narrow part of the shank and the external bone. We’ve then sliced through across the bone to form 8 individual lamb leg steaks. The steaks very in size depending on the thickness of the leg at the place they’re cut from, but are between 150g and 250g.
Our lamb leg steaks have 40% off this weekend – that’s a lot of meat for the money!

Don’t forget these offers will expire at Midnight on Saturday 26th November.

For more information please see:
Black Friday Special Offers
Salt Beef
Lamb Leg Steaks

25th November 2016

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Product Testers

Do you know a thing or two about good meat? We’re looking for products testers to give honest feedback on our food, and we’ll even provide the meat.

We like to look after our customers and we care what you think. If there are products that you particularly love (or don’t!) we want to know about it. That way we can improve our range to give you exactly the kind of things you like.

Every month we’ll be picking 2 people at random to receive a box of meats, which we’ll deliver to a UK address of your choice on the most convenient day for you. All we ask in return is that once you’ve tried it all, you write us an honest review.

There’s no need to have ordered from us before and you don’t have to give a positive review if it isn’t what you really think – although of course we hope you’ll love everything!

To apply to be on this month’s panel please just click on this link to the entry page and fill in your email address.
We only email the winners so if you get an email from us at the beginning of the next month, congratulations this means there’s free meat on its way to you!

The competition is run on our Facebook page, and we ask that you write us a Facebook review to let us know what you think about the order, so you do need a Facebook account to take part.

To become a product tester just enter here, and keep your fingers crossed! If you've won, you’ll hear from us on the 1st day of next month. And if you’re not chosen this time, you can enter again to go in next month’s draw.

Terms and conditions: No purchase necessary. All email addresses are used only for entry into the draw, and will not be subscribed to a marketing list or passed on to third parties. Winners will be chosen at random and notified by email on the 1st day of the month following entry. Delivery is to all UK postcodes excluding AB30-39, AB40-45, AB51-56, BT, DD5, DD7-10, DG, FK1-21, GY, HS, IM, IV, JE, KA26-28, KW, PA20-80, PH15-44, PH49-50, PO30-41, TD, TR21-25, ZE. If you are picked as a winner but you live in an excluded postcode your entry will be invalid and an alternative winner will be drawn.

17th November 2016

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No Tricks, Just Treats

Here at Keevils we’re in the Halloween spirit, but we’d much rather give you a treat than a trick!

So as very limited special offers we’re giving you the chance to grab a bargain, and this week when you buy one of our 4 most popular products you can have a second one for just £1.

Choose from the following products - buy one product at full price and get a second of the same item for only £1!

Cumberland Sausages (1.4kg pack)
English Lamb Chops (Pack of 4)
7oz Scottish Venison Steaks (Pack of 2)
French Duck Breasts (Pack of 2)

These spooky savings won't last for long so make sure you don't miss out!

And the best part is that although you need to order before 20th November to get these prices - you can choose to have them delivered right up until 31st December.

For more information please see:
Halloween Special Offers

24th October 2016

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Money off Steaks

Our steaks are always very popular and one of our top-selling products.
Taken from grass-fed British beef which is left to dry-age for at least 21 days, our steaks are full of flavour and have a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness that's hard to beat.

This week we have a special offer on steak which is perfect if you love it as much as we do.
We've taken 25% off the standard price of Ribeye and Rump steak, and you can now buy 4 steaks for the price of 3.

Our Ribeye steaks are taken from the forerib and are thickly sliced, with veins of fat marbling running through the meat.
When the steak cooks, the fat melts into the meat and gives it a really deep beef-y flavour. Although we do recommend you serve ribeye steak cooked medium to well done, as if you cook it rare the fat may not melt and will be unpleasant.
Weighing 8oz (227g) each there's plenty for a hungry adult.

Our Rump Steaks are very lean and also very large, weighing a whooping 10oz (280g) each. They have a layer of fat along one edge which will crisp up during cooking, however apart from that there is very little fat in rump steaks so they are a healthier choice than some other steaks. The lack of fat does mean they are more likely to dry out during cooking, so we advise cooking rump steak rare or medium at most, because if you cook them well done they can be dry and have less flavour.

Whether you choose ribeye or rump steaks, with the 4th steak free you'll have plenty to keep you going for a while.

When you've chosen your steak, you just need to cook it. We love this step by step guide to cooking steak by Jamie Oliver, which really breaks down how to get the most from your chosen cut of steak.

For more information please see:
Ribeye Steaks - 4 for the price of 3
Rump Steaks - 4 for the price of 3
See all of our current special offers

21st September 2016

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Free Sausages!

Our Cumberland sausages are ridiculously popular; we sell more of them than just about any other product on our site.
We sell loads in our shop, too, and these go out to hotels and restaurants across the Capital – if you’ve eaten breakfast in a decent establishment in London, chances are you’ve eaten our sausages!

Cumberland sausages originated in the North West of England, and are a tasty mix of pork with black and white pepper. This means they’re plain enough to be cooked with a sauce, but on their own are well-seasoned enough to not be bland. They’re very versatile, and as well as being an ideal breakfast sausage, they also go exceptionally well served as part of a BBQ, or in a traditional Toad in the Hole.

We love our Cumberlands served simply with mash, but you could make good old bangers 'n' mash a bit more exciting with this recipe for sausages with mustard mash and red onion gravy.

Renowned for being meaty and delicious, our Cumberlands are generously thick, too.
Sausage sizes are named in the meat trade according to how many of each you get to the pound (or for each 454g if you’re under 35).
So regular-sized sausages are called 8s, chipolatas are 16s, and cocktail sausages are 32s. Match this to weights (bearing in mind there are 16 ounces to a pound) and you’re looking at 2oz for a regular sausage, 1oz for a chipolata, and ½ ounce for the little cocktail sausages.
On the other hand, our Cumberlands are 6s, more generous than the norm, and making them a whopping 2.6oz each. Which doesn’t sound earth-shattering but try eating a few with mash and gravy! It’s a very satisfying meal.

We sell our Cumberlands in large packs weighing 3lb (1.36kg), which contain 18 sausages, and will set you back £10.50.
However, this week, if you spend £40, we’ll give you a pack for free. Just add some to your basket and we’ll deduct the cost of a pack at Checkout.
Don't forget to add them to your order, if they're not in your basket we won't send them!

The offer expires at Midnight on Friday 19th August, so make sure you don’t miss out, add a pack to your order and see for yourself what London eats for breakfast.

For more information please see:
Cumberland Sausages

7th August 2016

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