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New Marinade Bags

We have been working with our friends at Potts Partnership for a couple of years now. We really like their range of sauces, and how they have put a modern twist onto some of our favourites.

Their roasting kits are a big hit with our customers. They contain everything you need to transform your humble meat into a spectacular roast dinner with gravy and condiments included.

Just in time for Summer, we’re really excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Potts family – a new range of marinades which come with their own handy sealable bag, which makes using them really easy and mess-free.

Choose from BBQ, Jerk, or Piri Piri - each pack contains enough marinade to prepare 600g of meat, which is plenty for 4 servings.

The BBQ marinade is a Tex-Mex style, inspired by the barbecue cooking of the Southern United States. It is tomato-based and contains Kentucky Bourbon with smoked chipotle chilli for a rich, deep flavour.

Jerk is the most well-known Jamaican dish, and our Jerk marinade has plenty of heat from fruity habanero chillies and a fragrant spicy kick from pimenta allspice (also known as Jamaican Pepper). This is all mellowed with a little rum.

Our Piri Piri marinade is inspired by the traditional Portugese sauce, and we’ve blended plenty of chilli with lemon juice and zest along with roast garlic.

The best thing about our new marinating bags in that they're so easy to use.
Just put your chosen meat in the bag, seal it with the built in zip, and leave the marinade to work its magic for at least an hour – but ideally overnight so that the flavour can really permeate the meat.

All marinades are ideal to use with chicken but also work really well with pork and fish. If you're using fish just don’t worry about marinating for as long – an hour or two should be plenty.

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24th April 2017