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Lane's are back!

Earlier this year we began selling Lane’s BBQ rubs and sauces, and we were overwhelmed by demand!

Lane’s BBQ is run by Ryan Lane, himself an award-winning pitmaster and a real champion of the grill. Ryan is from Georgia, the BBQ capital of the USA, and he began making his own rubs to use at home. His friends tried his food and asked him to make some for them, and from there he's grown a very successful business.

Lane’s BBQ range is stocked all across the USA and around the world, from Australia to Switzerland!
We are very proud to be the sole UK distributor of these exceptional rubs, and we know that once you’ve tried them you’ll be converted too.

We originally introduced Lane’s to our customers back in April, and they proved to be popular very quickly.
Their rubs form a flavour-packed crust on the outside of the meat, which keeps the inside moist and full of taste.
Ryan has got every angle covered, from the crowd-pleasing Signature rub which adds a savoury depth of flavour, or Sweet Heat which has added sriracha chilli and brown sugar to transform a plain pork chop or chicken breast into something really special.
The bravest among you may like to try Ancho Espresso, a quirky-sounding combination of chilli and coffee. It sounds bizarre but tastes so good – try it on a steak; the coffee doesn’t overpower, it blends into the meat to give an unusual punch of flavour, but not one you would immediately identify as coffee.

We sold out of Kinda Sweet and One-Legged Chicken sauces a few weeks ago, but we are very pleased to let you know they are now back in stock!
Kinda Sweet is a BBQ sauce, sticky and sweet and will caramelise beautifully when cooked.
One-Legged Chicken is a buffalo-style sauce, spicy and perfect for slathering on chicken wings before cooking.

And don’t think that Lane’s products are only for the BBQ! They taste just as good when grilled or baked, and will brighten up a rainy Autumn evening with their vibrant flavours and memories of Summer.

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21st September 2017