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Gammon Bone in

Gammon Bone in

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Gammon Bone in - Unsmoked

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A leg of gammon ham left on the bone for a fuller flavour, makes an impressive centrepiece to a meal.

When cooking, the added flavour of the bone gives a real depth to the meat.

Gammon is cured the same way as ham, but left uncooked. The beauty of buying an uncooked whole gammon is that you get to cook it with whatever glaze or flavourings you like, to make your perfect ham.

Perfect as part of your Christmas feast, our bone-in whole gammon is so versatile and will keep you going for a while.

Tip: This gammon is large and may be too big to boil at home. We recommend using a recipe that goes straight into slow-roasting, and missing the boiling stage.

Minimum weight 9kg - provides at least 25 adult portions.

Supplied fresh

Supplied fresh

Put into a fridge as soon as possible after delivery, and consume within 10 days or before best before date on packaging.

Suitable for home freezing – please freeze on day of delivery and use within 3 months. Defrost fully before cooking.

Traditionally, gammon is cooked by placing in a large pan of cold water and your choice of aromatics (cloves, bay leaves, peppercorns, for example) and then boiling for 20 minutes per 500g.

The gammon is then brushed with a glaze, and roasted at 200°C (Gas Mark 6) for 25 minutes, with the glaze re-applied halfway through cooking.

If the gammon is too large to be boiled in one of your saucepans at home it is possible to skip the boiling stage.

To bake a gammon, wrap it in foil, leaving space between the meat and the foil so the air can circulate. Place in an oven pre-heated to 160°C (Gas Mark 3) and cook for 20 minutes per 500g.

30 minutes before the end of cooking time, remove the gammon from the oven and drain any juices from the pan. Turn the oven up to 220°C (Gas Mark 7), glaze the gammon, and put it back in for another 30 minutes, glazing again after 15 minutes.

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