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Christmas Meat Range

We may just be getting into October and still feeling very Autumnal, and we don’t want to panic you, but there are just 10 weeks until Christmas!

The biggest dinner of the year for many of us, Christmas is unlike any other day of the year in the amount of planning and expense that goes into the food.

Whether you want a traditional Christmas turkey or goose, or you want to try something a bit different this year, it doesn’t hurt to plan early. This is especially true if you are looking to order your Christmas dinner online and have it delivered! The delivery slots closest to Christmas will book up quickly so if you need to place an order, the old saying is true: the sooner the better.

We sell only English free-range turkeys and geese as we believe they are simply better tasting.

If you want a Christmas turkey delivered to your door; you can't go wrong with our bronze turkeys, which are the breed with black feathers. The difference between white and bronze turkey is that the Bronze is renowned for having more breast meat than its white-feathered cousin, and the meat stays moister when cooked. No more boring, dry turkey meat!

Our geese are from East Anglia, and are reared on small farms where they live in small flocks, and are left to grow and fatten naturally with no additional hormones or supplements.

Our Capon are French, which is purely for the reason that it is illegal to produce them in the UK. Free-range and with their diet topped-up with corn, our capon are bred especially for Christmas and are only available for delivery on the 22nd and 23rd December.

This year we are again partnering with our friends at Adlington in Warwickshire, and will be stocking their 3-Bird Roasts and their huge 6-Bird Roast, as well. Also known as a Turducken, each 3-Bird Roast contains 3 different free-range birds, with the bones removed and placed inside one another, with Sage & Caramelised Onion sausage meat between the layers for extra flavour. The Adlington roasts make a very impressive Christmas dinner, and for £65 for a Duck, Guinea Fowl and Turkey roast to feed 8, they aren’t too expensive, either.

Whichever meat you decide to have with your Christmas dinner, make sure you order it from Keevil and Keevil. We are the oldest butcher on Smithfield’s and have a reputation of over 160 years built on trust and reliability. We won’t let you down!

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14th October 2016