Black Friday Sale | 23th November 2017 | Keevil and Keevil Online Butchers

Black Friday Sale

OK, we know it’s only Thursday – and by the way, Happy Thanksgiving to our American customers, we hope you're enjoying your turkey and pumpkin pie! 

But we couldn’t wait any longer, and so you get to enjoy our special Black Friday offers a whole day earlier than normal.

This year we have a real treat for you, because our rarely-discounted Black Angus beef is on offer, with up to 25% off.
Our Black Angus is top quality, grass-fed matured beef which has won numerous awards and continues to be our customers’ favourite beef.
Available as whole or half-sized Rumps, Ribeyes, Sirloin and Fillet, this is your chance to buy it for 25% less than usual.

Also on offer are our tasty T-Bone steaks cut from Chilean beef. Chile is one of the top beef-producing countries in the world, and the area we get ours from is in the foothills of the Andes and very much like an Alpine environment.
The T-Bones each weigh 280g (10oz) and come in a pack of 3. At just £13.50 for 3 steaks that’s just £4.50 per steak which we think you’ll agree is excellent value.

Our final product on offer is our very popular Back Bacon, in our already very well-prices Big Value packs. Big Value doesn’t mean low quality, and our large packs contain around 50 slices of flavoursome rashers that aren’t pumped full of water and won’t shrink down to nothing when cooked.
Choose from smoked, unsmoked, or sweetcure bacon, and save a third on all packs.

There’s no restriction on how many offers you can purchase, the only limit is how much fridge and freezer space you have!

Offers are valid from now until Midnight on Saturday 25th November, so place your order soon and don’t delay!

For more information please visit the Black Friday Sale.

23rd November 2017