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A Guide to Buying Beef


At Keevils we offer a wide range of fresh meat to order online from all over the world, thanks to our position as the oldest Smithfield Market butcher’s shop

If you’re looking to buy beef online we have a number of varieties available, from our premium Australian Black Angus to the highly sought after Wagyu beef

Some of the varieties of beef we have available are listed below, but as always, if the product you want isn’t there, please get in touch and we will do our utmost to source it for you

American USDA Certified Beef

100% guaranteed to be premium American beef
The USA produces more beef than any other country and is highly regulated
Graded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) all regulated beef is categorised on a quality score from 1 (Canner, not used for food service) to 8 (U.S. Prime, the best quality beef)
The grading system takes into account the amount of fat marbling in the meat, and also the maturity of the animal when slaughtered, because as the level of both these factors increases, the quality of the beef improves
U.S. Prime beef can be hard to get hold of and level 7 is much more common, which is known as U.S. Choice
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Argentinian Beef

Our Argentinian (or Argentine) Beef is reared on the huge lowlands of the Pampas plains in North East Argentina, and was traditionally herded by gauchos, or cowboys
The cattle’s diet consists mainly of the indigenous pampas grass, which gives the beef a very particular flavour and tenderness that is unique to this variety
Argentina is the 5rd largest beef producer in the world, while Argentinians consume the second highest amount of beef per person in the world – so Argentine beef is big business and taken very seriously

Australian Beef

Australian Beef is enjoying a surge of popularity at present as it becomes more available
Reared very naturally on the huge open grassy plains of Queensland, our Australian cattle are as freerange as cattle can be, and until they are brought in to slaughter are left to roam as they please
Regulated by the MSA – Meat Standards Australia – all beef slaughtered at MSA-licenced abattoirs is graded on a strict system based on rearing methods, fat marbling, fat thickness, meat colour, and PH levels
If all standard are met, the beef is given a grade 0. If there are any issues but it still passes, it is given a grade of 1 to 9, depending on the point it didn’t meet
We recently introduced a range of Australian Black Angus, which is the traditional British breed, reared on the Australian plains, and we have had a fantastic response to this

Brazilian Beef

Brazil is the world’s 2nd largest producer of beef, and the beef is mostly made up of the very distinctive-looking Brahman variety, which originates from India
The Brahman are particularly resilient to hot climates, whilst still having a good flavour and texture of meat. They are fed on grass and allowed to mature naturally, which both make for top eating quality
Brazilian cattle producers follow the Good Livestock Practices Program (or Programa de Boas Práticas Agropecuárias – BPA) which was laid down by the government, and ensures high animal welfare, economic and environmental standards are met

English Beef

The English are famed for our love of Beef. The French even call us the rosbifs – the Roast Beefs
Because of this we take a pride in producing the very best beef possible
The British climate is perfect for the production of beef. We have grass in abundance and our native cattle such as the Hereford, Shorthorn and Devon are also used all around the world for beef production, in preference to local breeds, due to their superior flavour and quality
We can supply English beef which meets the British Farm Standard – illustrated with the Red Tractor symbol. This guarantees the welfare of the cattle, and also means the beef is fully traceable right back to the farm

Irish Beef

Again, the landscape and climate of Ireland supports beef farming, and we can source some very high quality products from here
Grass-fed Irish beef is full of flavour, and the vast majority of farms are family-owned and handed down over generations, meaning that the expertise and traditional farming methods have never gone away

Scotch Beef

Only beef that is born, reared, and processed in Scotland can be truly called Scotch Beef, as this is a protected geographical indication, in the same way as Japanese Kobe beef
Angus, Highland, and Galloway are the most famous breeds of Scottish cattle, and are widely regarded as producing some of the best beef available
We source only Scotch Beef that is grass-fed, which is renowned for being full of flavour, and exceptionally high quality

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu comes from the Japanese words for ‘Japanese Cattle’ and is the name given to the native black cattle that come from Japan
Famed for their highly marbled meat, Wagyu is expensive to produce and due to the small amount of beef generated, means it comes with a hefty price tag
The beef is graded from 1 to 12, based on the amount of fat marbling within. A grade 12 has a much higher level of fat than meat, and is undesirable to most Western palates
Wagyu that is born, reared, and processed in the small Kobe region of Japan is named Kobe beef. However this is highly sought after by wealthy Japanese, who consume all that the region can produce
For this reason, all Wagyu that is for sale outside of Japan can be legitimately called Wagyu, but not Kobe
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